This is beyond ridiculous!

It’s been over a month since i saw the sun!
drip drip drip….. Aurgh!

rain lashed

The above is a description of the rains here in Pune from a friend….

One can well imagine what is the scene in our farm. Our rice fields are also giving out the same cry for some sunlight. I’ve very reluctantly taken a back seat from active farming & waiting for the weather to calm down & spending some quite time with my shadows.

Though it is a calming influence when i get a call from my co-worker who stays on the farm (Prakash) & to hear him say that things are looked after & there is nothing to worry. (except for some fever & cuts on the sole of the feet due to constant wetness etc.)


Driving to the farm is another issue altogether:

“……….In India people drive on the left of the road, whereas in Pune we drive on what is left of the road……”


get the drift…