I was reading this magazine (15th Aug issue) which had some great writing from various people about home/home town or what does ‘going home means to people etc.

Taking the cue from there i ask myself:

Does Pishwi feel like a hometown to me & partner ? Does this piece of land feel like the place where both of us will see as our home ? Will Pishwi be the place where our son will come to visit us ?

It’s difficult to answer in yes & no terms.

Very soon i will be hitting a half century in age & if i am still asking this question to me, then it clearly means that i am a person with no roots. Till i was 24 years old, for me going home meant going to my maternal’s grand mother’s house in Kannur. She was the only person i was close in our family, however after she passed away Kannur had no allure for me. I’ve stayed in many parts of Kerala, my parents still live there, but i do not have any sense of belonging. I’ve stayed in Madras for some years, ‘have some great friends… but again i’ve no sense of belonging. The best sense of belonging was during a 18 year period where i/we were in Dahanu  (North Maharashtra) & in Sanjan (South Gujarat). However what one felt as a strong sense of belonging, over a period of time became transient. Plus we became nomadic. Oxford came calling, after that i’ve some great memories of our time in Delhi. But these were places were one needed to be careful, because DO NOT OVERSTAY was written in bold letters.

Three years back when we first saw this piece of land, we liked it & decided to take the plunge. Something must’ve looked good for us. Yes, even today when i come down the valley approaching our land i do feel a tingle of excitement. From my fellow villagers in Pishwi/ Kellud i hear that we are the only ones who have been putting our heart & soul into a piece of land (otherwise its mostly people who just buy & sell land for the sake of ‘investment’). Yes, there is a strong connect with the land, there has been a serious investment of time put into vis-a-vis my co-workers & other people in & around the village. A lot of good-will is there for us, if anything unforseen happens, many people will come forward with a helping hand. 

Yet, if i am asked do i feel a sense of belonging to Pishwi or whenever i go to Pishwi, does it feel like going home ? The answer is No. I/we will always be outsiders. I guess been nomadic made us not to belong to any particular place, it made us belong to all the places where we had lived all these years.

So question to me: Where are you from?

Answer is very simple: I am from many places!

Recently we had to go to Dehradun & we were staying with friends for a few days…. that really felt like going home, or when we were passing through Delhi we stayed for a few hours with another friend…. that was a going home moment, or when i go to Khar to my brother/sister-in laws place…. that feels like going home, going to meet friends in Dahanu will be like going home……

Now let me stop rambling & come back to news from the farm. The rains are still at it, probably the heaviest i’ve experienced in the last three years. All wooden furniture in our cottage has got a thick layer of fungus on it, walls have fungus, all unused vessels have fungus, clothes don’t dry & some have fungus on them, the air inside the house is musky… due to all this my forgotten asthma attacks have come revisiting. In my co-workers house the flooring is completely wet & damp. The verandah of our cottage is the only nice place to sit to get some clean air & there isn’t anything to do these days. I am jobless & in fact was thinking of finding some part-time job.

To kill the boredom i was experimenting on how to picture the rains in a different way.

Here we go….(click on the snaps to enlarge)

While trying to focus on a rain drop one ends up getting a snap like this.

rain drops1

There is always a constant flow of water from our roof….

rain drops4

Aruvi (colocasia) leaves seems to hold themselves together, as compared to banana leaves which are all broken due to the rains & the wind. The rain water seems to nicely linger a little longer on these leaves……..

rain drops on aruvi leaves

The chickens are coping well, feasting on tender green parts & earth worms. They are actually looking healthier. But we are not able to hatch the eggs successfully, with many getting damaged, also even if we manage to hatch them the chicks seems to die due to the cold.

rain drops

bye for now, however this time i am leaving with a question. 

Even with such heavy rainfall, by March 2014 many parts in & around Pune district will be reeling under drought……Why ??