They are so busy & move around so fast, unless they are mud poddling its very difficult to click them. With so many different types of flowers of various hues from lavender shades of the Kaarvi plant to the crimson yellows of wild marigolds & add to it the fields of Sesame. It’s basically a riot of colours. Sometimes there are ten different varieties of butterflies flitting in and out …’s really beautiful.

The seasons are changing & it’s bright sunshine these days. For a change the rice is looking good & i’ve a reason to put a smile on my face. They are more than 3 ft in height & fingers crossed one hopes that it doesn’t rain. If it rains the plants will fall & it will be a mess & unfortunately the IMD website is actually predicting rainfall for the next couple of days !!


The kaali saal, with its black inflorescence is giving quite a unique touch to our fields. In fact next year during transplanting if one plans carefully  one can create some great designs & borders in our fields. !

kaali saal

With a very uniform growth the Tambda saal looks the best to me

tambdi saal Compared to the Tambda & Kaali, the Ambemohur is much shorter. I don’t want to sound too crop – centric….even the grass is looking taller this year. Local villagers  have been requesting whether they could bring in their cattle to graze….we’ve said NO…!!

ambe mohur

The blacksmiths are very,very busy these days with everyone getting their sickles sharpened  Our threshing area has been prepared, its bigger than the last 3 years, a nice big circle with a pole inserted in the centre. First the Sesame will be harvested, then the millets, then the rice. It’s nice to see the threshing area given a special feel, with ash sprinkled on the edge of the circle & everyone removing their footwear while entering it.


For various reasons the last couple of months took a lot out of us & i needed a spark from somewhere to get me going. It really feels good to get that spark back in me from our fields. Now there is a sense of anticipation in the air.


This is the last of the waterfalls for the year…. we went there to catch a quick glimpse of it

last of the waterfall


In the meanwhile we have a surprising visitor

emu is search of shelter

Some years back a few people in the area had started this dubious thing called Emu farming & now as is the norm they are abandoning their birds. One of the birds has found its way to our farm & has been standing still in the same place for more than a day. Prakash kept a bucket of water & she just gulped it down. The bird is huge. Few people who came to know about it had come to have a look, one smart alec ventured too close & got a taekwondo style kick on his back side….ouch !!

I don’t know what to do. Vimal says after the Emu came into the farm the Kestrels are keeping a distance. She didn’t have to chase them away & they didn’t try any kamikaze attempts to catch our chickens, Prakash says he felt bad seeing her condition so he didn’t chase it away, partner says lets adopt it. I am a bit sceptical….. i don’t want her to attract more emus……then our place will become a rehab shelter.

I hope some reader can throw some light into this…… (Kamal, Keshav, Nandan, Salil … let me know ?)

Goodbye for now  !!