is redefined by me in saying that it’s not just a task done for pleasure, its also a task done for a living & for materialistic gains 🙂 . Now i’m not someone who would want to do back-breaking work just for the sake of it  I’ve done it for many years in various places for various people & organizations, however that was during a different age & time. Now the priority is to give the big push forward, i.e: get food growing in our farm & lots of it.

labour of love

When the sun does manage to break through in the morning not only does it make a beautiful picture, but also as one freezes through the early morning period one desperately wants the warmth of the sun to come out really, really fast  We’ve four fields like the above & we have seven different things growing at the same time. Each field has about 60 raised beds created. Sometimes i think we’ve taken in more than what we can chew, however on the other hand i feel nah…. its fine. Its nice to be in these situations, i kind of enjoy it.

So far germination has been good, however the bane of any winter crop is to get the irrigation done, surprisingly we’ve managed well till now. To add to it we’ve another issue on hand i.e : roaming cattle. Since no one else in our tiny village is taking a rabi crop all their cattle is free, (unlike kharif where all cattle is under strict supervision). I’ve had a talk with my fellow villagers, but one doesn’t know, one morning one we will wake up & see half the field eaten away.

New sprouts of wheat attracts Deers, Wild boars, Crows, Doves & even dogs….. uff. Having our dogs near the fields has been a deterrent & somehow by default we have managed to cross this initial stage. As the saying goes divide the life period of the crop into four periods, so when from germination to harvest is a 120 day period, so each 30 days is a stage like infant, young, middle age, old age etc. For us infancy is over, done with & dusted…… now over to the second stage & whatever can be corrected can be done only during this period. After that it’s not in our hands.

We’ve grown Wheat a couple of times before, so there is some experience to fall back on. Chick peas also we’ve grown before……. but they were all finished off by pod borers & cut worms. I’ve taken most of the preventive measures which are known to me : which is to try & get the plants healthy & growing fast, because most of the pest infections happen only when the plants are unhealthy ……now fingers crossed & hope for the best. Jowar (Sorghum), Bajra (Pearl Millet) & Sunflower are all for the first time, plus we’ve Onions, Sweet Potatoes & some veggies.

Phew.….. i feel this is like taking a bloody exam, i keep telling my co-workers Prakash & Vimal “……..amhi atha haar manayla thayar naahi, jhinklach pahije ho…..” (we will not accept failure, we’ve to pass this exam with distinction) & even though its been literally back-breaking for all three of us they smilingly reply “jhinknaar, bhau amhi” (we will brother….).

Peace, love & wish us some luck