I was an average student while in school/college & quite often i had to use this term “just passed”, which meant that one somehow mustered the necessary 33.3% & just about managed to go on to the next semester. Well, that’s what has happened with me & my winter crop. The only difference between my college days & now is that mediocrity wasn’t an issue in the best years of our life, now with age mediocrity is unacceptable.

After all the back-breaking work the Wheat looks reasonable, the Chick Peas doesn’t have any pest infestations, the Pearl Millet (Bajra) looks ok, the Sorghum (Jowar) has been hit by some kind of blight, the Sun flower looks a taint stunted, the Onions & veggies are struggling.

Doing is learning & without doing one doesn’t learn & by learning one can aim for perfection. It means that when one heads to the next (Nov 2014) winter crop, one will have a bag full of precious lessons, notes & experience to fall back on. But the most critical stuff for me has been the lack of Moisture retention in the soil, due to the absence of organic matter in the soil which is resulting in the soil getting compacted therefore no aeration.

Anyway 45 days after germination this is how our fields are looking.

wheat field here is another look at it wheat field1Now with the days being so short one hardly gets any time to do all the necessary tasks in time. The power supply is erratic, so watering the fields seems to be the most important task, however early morning one cannot be fooling around in ice-cold water, the pipes will be stiff, so one needs to wait till the sun is warm enough, periodically one has to loosen up the soil to aerate it, by late evening cow-piss has to sprayed on the fields, the hens & dogs need to be attended to, moreover there are other mundane tasks like cleaning one’s dwelling, cooking, washing vessels etc……. suddenly it is late evening & time to head back into our dwelling, with (yet-again) few more unfinished tasks !!

This is the time of the year where we lope off side branches of our trees to collect stuff for raab (burning material for the nursery beds for the rice nursery). In the meanwhile we have got our rice milled/cleaned etc. Now it feels good to drive back from the farm with our car loaded with the “labour of love”  🙂 !! There is one question about milling which i somehow cannot get right, while we are in the Rice Mill we tell them DO NOT BREAK THE RICE, DO NOT POLISH, DO NOT MAKE IT WHITE,  LET IT REMAIN BROWN etc etc, but still the rice tends to get broken. ‘Would be grateful if someone threw in some light on this. (Nandan/ Kamal/ Sanmitraji do let me know).


bronze backFor months, some rats were creating a nuisance in the ceiling of our house. Thanks to a couple of Bronze-back Tree snakes which decided to take matters into their hands. Now we can sleep in peace in the night  🙂bronze back tree snake


Since our son is around on holidays we are assured of some compelling snaps….. i leave you with this outstanding visual of Strider having some water.

one for the road   peace, love & comfortably numb