I guess Radish must be the most simplest vegetable to grow otherwise how did we manage to get so much……. as of now its a mystery !! We’ve both the white & red varieties. After my zero success with veggies till date, this is a bit of a surprise. However being present in/on the farm on a consistent basis is making a few small differences.

radish harvest

One of my co-workers will be taking a few basket loads to the weekly bazaar. For a change all of us are also having something to do with radish in our daily diet. There isn’t many recipes that i know of. Usually i like to grate it, along with a couple of Carrots, add a green chilly & some Spring onions, salt….makes a good salad. Sometimes we cook the same by squeezing off the water & doing a tadka of mustard & green chillies. With rice, partner & me like “Mulli sambar” very much, it’s very simple to make & also is ‘comfort food’.  Now that the fresh leaves of the radish is there; we make it with onions & tomatoes…… tastes really good with roti’s/chapathi or bhakar. Sometimes for dinner “Mulli parathas” is a good option, sometime back in a Bengali friends place i’ve had a dish called “Mulor Ghanto”, it’s quite unique with an unusual combination of radish with Green peas, Potatoes & Aniseed among other ingredients, Mulli with mung dal is also nice with rice

Now pickling the radish has really caught my fancy. So today morning i found two interesting recipes. The first one is the uncooked one which i made in a jiffy…….1 cup white radish, 1 cup red radish, 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup sugar, 1 tbsp of salt, some pepper corns & 1/2 cup of water. Boil the water, vinegar, sugar, salt & slightly pounded Pepper, untill the sugar melts, keep it aside to cool. In the meanwhile cut both the radishes. When the vinegar mixture is cool, throw it along with the radishes into a jar, mix well, seal tight & keep aside for 3 days, after that enjoy it with the meals.

The second one is the cooked version with traditional spices like chilly powder, turmeric, mustard seeds, Ajwain, hing, methi etc. That will be tried later in the week when we harvest more !!

Any other suggestions on how to cook radish….. please do let us know.

Turmeric harvest is also done, after keeping aside seeds for next year, wash well, cut them into small pieces & give it a boil. Then allow it to dry in the sun. We grinded it ourselves, didn’t get it as smooth & fine as what we get in the shops, but the flavour is super.

Same with Mango ginger, harvest them, put away the seeds, start making pickles. The uncooked version is very simple: cut it fine, mix it with some finely cut fresh turmeric, fresh green chillies, lime juice & salt ! The cooked version which i found very good is with ! cup grated Mango ginger, 1 tbsp red chilly powder, 1/4 tsp asafoitida, amchur powder , 1 tsp mustard seeds, oil & salt.

Any other suggestions……please do let us know, in the mean time i will go & find some nice small glass jars to store the pickles !!

khudha hafeez !!