In my youth i was lucky to have read “Lust for life”, it was one of those novels which i started re-reading the very moment i finished reading it. This cycle went on for about a year till i could remember what was written in which page, it was the same with “Hundred years of Solitude” & also with “The Equal Music”.  Anyway coming back to the story of Vincent Van Gogh, in the Lust for Life, since one had read it during the pre-internet age & one had only one’s imagination to visualise how those Sunflowers he was painting looked like. Years went by in one dreaming about Sunflower fields. About a decade back i had the good fortune of visiting a farm in Kheda, near Baroda That was the first time i saw a Sun flower field & i was stunned by its beauty. Since then i’ve been wanting to grow Sunflowers & never got down to it.

I tried my luck this year

The amount of bees that are buzzing around tirelessly is amazing, however there are no butterflies ‘though. In a weeks time all the yellow petals will dry & fall off & all these shades of yellow on our fields will be gone….. then the birds will come to eat the sunflower seeds & unfortunately i will have to be play hooligan & shoo them away !!

Peace, love & confused answers to confused problems