I was walking to the farm & it was raining cats & dogs. Umbrella is held close, the earth is slippery, i am treading carefully. I’ve two full bags of things on my back. The wind is also strong, so i am looking down & walking. Suddenly in front of me a pile of white shit falls……splash !!


I look up & see three vultures sitting on a tree branch, they are at hand – shaking distance. I think they tried to state the obvious. They aimed for my head & missed it…

vulture helloI struggled to open my backpack & to find my camera…..i tell myself “shit happens” you know. At the same time i tell the vultures come on try again son, aim better & get the timing right.

They looked at me & yawned.

vulture in farm

I managed to click a couple of times, however couldn’t get a decent shot of all three in one frame. Framed or not framed actually i was very happy to see them. (do click on the snaps to enlarge)

Peace & love.