After what happened in Malin with the irresponsible use of earth movers/ excavators (JCB’s) i’ve been thinking about this.

Please click on the snap to enlarge.

view of land behind

The dwelling that you see in the picture is ours. Part of the hillock which is adjoining our land is up sale. It’s about 6.5 acres, developing that piece of land will be very challenging, however it’s not impossible. Some great views from there. If i had the resources to buy this piece of land i would go for intensive Bamboo farming, will keep hundred odd goats & make goat cheese. Just investing on the land now may not make sense, however in a few years time with a highway connecting Mahad to Pune coming up a few kilometres away one would be sitting on a land worth crores.

If this hillock goes into the hands of people who believe that earth movers/ excavators (JCB’s) are their messiah….. then we will be soon under a land slide soon.

Here is another snap from a wider angle (do click to enlarge). THe coordinates are here for wikimapia, ‘though on google earth one gets a better picture.

view of land behind1

Already many hillocks in the area has been vandalised by JCB use. Just like in Malin village, the same JCB’s which were used to destroy the land will be used to excavate dead bodies.

Peace, love and we ain’t bad neighbours !!