its true.

During these couple of months it is natures bounty of flowers of various hues & colours. It’s also the time when there is all kinds of so-called festivals. In that context one day i hear my co-worker Vimal speaking over the phone to someone in Pune & asking that person to buy & bring some flowers etc. etc.

After she disconnected her phone i told her “you are blind…. just have a look at the flowers growing around us & u can make the most unusual, unique & stunning of garlands………. “


Now that the deluge is over, we are slowly getting back to full-time work & my task is cut out for the month ahead which is grass cutting. Thanks to our grass cutting machine, it’s really going smooth. After cutting, we rake them in & use the fresh greens for mulch and for creating new soil.

Our paddy is doing ok in the sidelines. For the first time we might get to enjoy a good supply of root vegetables in the form of Sweet Potato’s & Tapioca, unless the wild boars decide to harvest them before we do !!

sweet potato



Btw we have some first timers which have cropped up after 3 years of planting:

One is a beautiful vine & my favourite spice i.e Black Pepper

black pepper

& the second one is Wild Banana (raankel)

wild banana

I’ve seen wild banana plants in plenty, however this is the first time i am seeing the fruit….

peace, luv & lets see how it tastes !!