It’s a scary world out there & one walks on a very thin line. I choose what is practical & i try to make my choices like a lay person. To the ‘self righteous’ i am a renegade. Do laypersons have any choices? If one takes a closer look at who consumes the so-called ‘organic’ stuff then one can see yet another vulgar version of racism.

Do not use plastic, it cannot recycled

Do not use a private vehicle, use public transport

Do not buy fuel, it’s from the blood of the people in Iraq

Do not eat meat; livestock rearing is an important cause for global warming

Do not eat broiler chicken; it contains too many hormones & antibiotics

Do not eat beef, it hurts religious sentiments

Do not eat pork, it hurts religious sentiments

Do not eat red meat; our human body is not designed to be meat eaters

Do not eat any fish & meat, its cruelty

Do not smoke, others don’t like it

Do not eat chemically grown stuff, eat only organically grown stuff

Become a Vegan, eat only raw food

Do not use sugar, its poison

Do not use salt, its poison

Do not use maida (flour), its poison

Do not use oil; it’s not good for your health

Do not use white rice, it contains no nutrients

Do not use wheat flour, it contains no nutrients

Do not eat rice or wheat; it’s not necessary for our body

Do not eat rice, wheat or sugar, thousands of gallons of water is wasted in producing it

Do not use milk, its poison

Do not use turmeric or chilly powder from shops, it contains artificial color

Do not use synthetic fabrics for clothing, use only hand-made cotton

Do not use synthetic soaps & shampoos, use only hand-made soaps

Do not build anything with cement, use mud or bamboo

Do not use bricks for construction, bricks are made from top soil, the top soil cannot be replaced

Do not use steel; it’s from the blood of the people in Orissa

Do not use Asbestos roofing, people living under it get diseases.

Do not use Cell phones, it affects the brain

Do not take a TV connection; you are surrendering your living room to the market forces

Do not send children to schools, they kill the creativity in a child

Do not vaccinate, allow natural antibodies to grow

Do not take Antibiotics & medicines; allow your body to heal itself

Do not use toothpaste, because with your first wash in the morning one is taking in poison into your system.

Do not use shampoo; they are tested on monkeys, to see if they go blind.

Do not till the land, let everything grow naturally

Do not drink Tea or coffee, tea & coffee plantations have destroyed large areas of forests

Do not drink aerated drinks; these MNC’s have destroyed the ground water

Do not use a shower, have a bucket bath

Do not use pencils, they have Lead in it

Do not use paints or colors, they are synthetic

Do not do pest control in your house, termites also need to live

Do not use AC, it adds to global warming

Do not read newspapers, they destroy the forests

Do not own a computer, computer parts cannot be recycled.

Do not use grid power, go for sun & wind energy

Do not keep breed dogs, adopt a stray

Do not use electricity, just like birds & animals, one’s activities should be in tune with sunrise & sunset

Do not use the flush tank, you are wasting water

Do not breathe the air, it’s polluted

Do not react to anything, one should never express oneself

Uff…. This can go on isn’t it?

Peace, love & “all fart & no shit”