Many things which is happening around us nationally & internationally is diminishing our space for any democratic expressions. Especially now with a “preacher of hate” at the helm, the right-wing regime is flexing its muscles & lining up a series of environmental disasters in front of us. The regime is quietly dismantling all the road blocks, all the laws & the rules that safe guard the rights of small farmers, of environment, of forests, of people who live in the edge of forests (tribals/adivasis/indegenous people) & not to talk of our rich wild life.

For many years me & partner have lived in South Gujarat & we’ve seen by our own eyes what this kind of proposed “developement & economic growth” means. A river close to our earlier farm was always full, however not with water, but with chemical effluents from the factories. A relative of partner who had started an ambitious farm on a land adjoining this river found the colour of water to be red in their tube well. One morning we had seen the whole village (where are farm was located) fleeing because they smelled something very foul from an ammonia factory & feared a Bhopal like disaster. Thankfully nothing serious took place. In April 2000 a proposed port in Umbergaon led to peaceful protests from the farmers & fisher people of the area who feared that this port will destroy their livelihood. Police tortured the protestors & silenced their voice by killing one of them who happened to be Colonel Pratap Save. We had called a spade a spade with the previous regimes when they tried to introduce GM crops, now the present regime have now approved field trials for 21 genetically modified (GM) crops including Rice, Wheat & Maize. Immediately there were concerns raised & the regime claims to put the trials on hold…. which is bull shit & the bare facts can be seen here


On the farm there is a sense of expectancy with the harvest coming nearer, even a reasonably average harvest is eliciting a spring in my (our) step.

Here is our Paddy

paddy getting ready

& here is my favourite crop which is Raagi/ Nachni or Finger Millet

nachni getting ready

For the first time we’ve Varai or Fox tail millet & i am really looking forward to having some great kichdi’s

varai getting ready

& another first time harvest this year is going to be Green Grass & lots of it. Recently a friend had come & while walking around he asked me : “you’ve 7 acres, but you are only cultivating 3 acres, so what was the logic in buying 7 acres” ?

I replied by saying: yes, i cultivate only 3 acres for various crops now, however the rest of the 4 acres is our fertilizer factory, which will give us enough organic matter (grasses, leaves & earthworm castings) to continually nourish these 3 acres…..

Peace & love