Finish cutting the grass, bring in the grass for mulching & for soil preparation

Prepare the nursery for the massive greening/planting before the rains

Get the 3 phase agricultural connection sorted

Get the irrigation/ plumbing sorted, get the pipes from the panchayat samiti

Get the access to the farm sorted

Get the apiary going & open up a new business venture

Get the gates made for all the three entrances to the farm

Gather all the dry leaves for mulching

Find out why the hens are not laying more eggs

Finish preparing the rice field

Get the roof of our house sorted for leakages

Get physically fit for intensive martial art training & go for the black belt

Spend more time with my love/partner

Spend more time with our canine companions

Find time to share a meal with friends

Try and be on the same page with our son

Find time for bansuri practice

Find time to forget everything

bile jodi

peace, love & uff…..