This is the normal question put to me these days when i happen to bump into someone or when anyone calls me.

I reply: nothing much

So whats growing ?

really nothing

But you are spending weeks together on the farm…. what are you doing there if nothing is growing ?

Even if nothing is growing, there are lots to do

like what ?

i am creating a nursery for trees which will be ready to plant during the onset of monsoons, i am collecting basket loads of dry bio mass (sweepings from below the trees) & bringing it into the fields, in the coming week i hope to get four Honey bee boxes, with bee colonies & i hope to be guided properly by the person concerned to get a decent return from the sale of honey & i am sitting on the throat of the Junior Engineer of the MSEDCL to get us the 3 phase agricultural connection.

So have you managed to get it ?

Yes, it is sanctioned under a certain scheme of “Gram Jyoti Yojana”. I am sure it will happen in the coming week. It will be a huge relief to us as & when it happens, from then on irrigation will become much more easier & affordable & surely there will be a million plants growing on our land.

You have some patience

guess….. i do!!


It’s nice to be away from newspapers etc for weeks, however when one comes back & check the news one is always in for a shock. One of the “heart beats” of our country Shri Govind Pansare has been silenced & assassinated, his wife & life partner Umatai (another hear-beat of our country) has also been shot at & is battling with her life. Please do read this article to understand what is happening today in Maharashtra & in other parts of India.

The latest land acquisition bill is a shocker to say the least, if tomorrow some messenger from the “preacher of hate” sends us a notice & says we are taking over your land for the making of a “smart city”…….. Only if we farmers were idiots !!

land bill

Now they want  to decide what we should be eating & not eating. One of our staple meats & also for our dogs has been banned. WTF !! As a friend put it “its only Thursday & there are already six bans


“………..If there is a crisis staring at India, it is the fact that the Constitution of India is at odds with the ideology of those who now run the Government of India. That is the schism which gets exposed routinely. Lunatic fringe led by the ‘preacher of hate’ at the helm is now the mainstream………”


By the way; there a few films worth watching:

Catch Me If You Can by Amit Shah (an absolute thriller with no ending in sight. His debut was the stunning melodrama “You’ve Got Bail”)

The Graduate by Smriti Irani (heart-rending story of a woman who gets a Yale degree after a six-day crash course only to find that no employers are willing to hire her; so she turns to politics…)

10,000 B.C. by Mohan Bhagwat (fantasy about a time when the whole world consisted of one religious faith)

Dial M for Murder (bloodfest by a seriously famous director)

Close Encounters of the Fake Kind by Amit Shah (again! He deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award)

Secrets & Lies by Nitin Gadkari (a corporate thriller)

There Will Be Blood by Yogi Adityanath

No Country for Old Men by L.K.Advani

even hoping for peace & love seems distant…….so what; i shall end my post with the usual seditious greeting:

peace & love