now who is number 602…….does it really matter ?

Of course not.

soon it will be 6002…… will it really matter ?

of course not.

From 1995 to 2013, a total of 296,438 farmers have killed themselves in India

Did it hurt the conscience of this bloody country where we live…….NO

…….A farmer from Rajasthan, hung himself from a tree during a rally at Jantar Mantar in the heart of New Delhi. Farmers are committing suicide all around the country. India, where 70 % of its population are small time farmers who are desperately trying to keep their to heads up the flooding waters of debt and crop loss are dying like flies around a lighted lamp. Now, India’s farmer’s suicide epidemic has come to the nation’s capital. Now nobody can deny it. Now nobody can ignore it. This is a nation’s death………

Monsoon failure, high debt burdens, genetically modified crops, government policies, public mental health, personal issues, family problems, hail storms, unseasonal heavy rains, alcohol addiction, low produce prices, stress and family responsibilities, family issues such as illness and inability to pay celebration expenses for daughter’s marriage, apathy, poor irrigation, increased cost of cultivation, private money lenders, use of chemical fertilizers, crop failure, insufficient or risky credit systems, the difficulty of farming semi-arid regions, poor agricultural income, absence of alternative income opportunities, lack of value-added opportunities etc. etc can be quoted as the reasons.

In 1990’s for the first time in the history of this republic P. Sainath through his poignant writings brought all this out to the open into the so called “mainstream”

As much as 80% of India’s farmland relies on flooding during monsoon season, so inadequate rainfall can cause droughts, making crop failure more common…….What is the annual budget allocation to get water into each farmer’s fields ?

How would the cronies in power react if the same number of people from some other profession keeps committing suicide by the thousands year after year ?

On the ground there is a real distress.