A few things growing :


The best time to grow pumpkins & cucumbers in our land is during the summer. All this while i was doing the cardinal mistake of trying to grow them during the rains & they would get spoiled or get eaten by bandicoots. Its the same with Tuar (Pigeon pea) & Mung (Green gram).

sambar cucumbers

One of our Citrus trees is bend over by the weight of the lemons. Each branch had to be supported by bamboo. Its really nice to see hundreds of lemons hanging from a single tree.


In our nursery we’ve many cuttings flourishing Tapioca, Gliricidia, Adulsa, Hibiscus, Gauva, hundreds of Mulberries, Passion flower. Many have been already transplanted. From seeds Karanj, Sagargota, Chillar, Jack fruit, Drum stick & an interesting addition has been Hadga (i am eagerly waiting to see it grow).

nursery Whereas Hirda & Rita has refused to germinate till now.

Meanwhile there was a surprise element. We had two avocado trees growing (4th year) & we have been looking out for any flowering activity always & found none. One fine day i spotted a fruit….. phew !!


Partner urged me to plant more Avacado, i discussed with my friend Vivek (Jambe Environment Farm) whether to plant more…. He gave the green light & said YES, YES, go for it. So we got 50 more Avacado plants.

This month has been a roller coaster & before we could wink the month is getting over. So till the 7th of June its going to be another roller coaster ride, to finish a mountain of work before the expected arrival of the monsoon. Thousand odd saplings to plant & add to it hundred more of our in-situ propagation of Bamboo…..uff.

I really don’t know how we are going to cross the finishing line. May be call some friends to come over & help, however i’m not sure how that will work out. As of now its good to have such thoughts in the realms of imagination. It will take a while to turn it around into a realm of possibility.

Every week we’ve been getting good showers & in fact the land is looking really lush.

rains in May

Peace, love & maybe join us on this roller coaster Smiley!!