Every year during the start of monsoon we’ve been planting a few bamboo. sometimes 10, sometimes 20 etc. This year we did manage to sell quite a lot of bamboo (almost half a truck load). Prakash, my co-worker on the farm also sold from his combined family holding & that became a full truck load. In our area Bamboo is something which grows very well without any irrigation and its a sure shot for some monetary earnings from the land. So we upped the ante & decided to plant 100 more clumps. Removing the clumps is a tough & tedious job. In some areas where the soil was tough we managed to remove only 25 clumps in a day, whereas in areas where the soil was porous we managed to remove 50 clumps in a day. From these snaps you can see how labour intensive it is to remove the clumps. Almost seven people are working with an array of hand instruments to remove the clumps. Due to light showers the new shoots have started to come out, so one has to be careful not to damage them. The timing of bamboo clump removal is indeed very critical. It’s a very small window of a few days for us to propagate. This year we were lucky to get a few people to come & help us remove the clumps. Also as of now the rains haven’t hit us hard from the word go, if so the new shoots start to grow very fast, then its impossible to remove a clump & to replant. removal of clumps removing the bamboo for planting After the clumps are removed we carry them to where ever we want to plant them. Due to the heavy winds which come with the rains the new clumps are planted next to a tree or a shrub like Karvanda, so that the new sapling (planted in a shallow pit) can be supported & it doesn’t fall. After the Bamboo clump is established, we can remove the shrub which was used as a live support. carrying the bamboo for planting Another surprise planting addition this year has been Galangal, about hundred odd new plants have been planted, for some reason i was really thrilled & happy to see these plant thrive. May be its because of the innumerable number of bees which hover around the galangal flowers throughout the day. galangal We still have a lot more to do in the next coming weeks. College admissions for our son is getting more complicated than what we expected, even though he has 92% in his 12th grade. Once that is done an intensive 2 weeks of planting will follow & we should be able to cross the line without much ado.


Meanwhile in neighbouring Bangladesh bloggers who have been voicing their views about religious fanaticism have been threatened & if they continue to voice their thoughts they get hacked to death. Bloggers in Mexico who have been critical about the drug cartels are also brutally killed. It’s indeed quite gruesome. It’s the same in many countries like Egypt, Iran, Syria, Philippines etc. A day like that isn’t far away in this country which is now unfortunately run by the fanatics of the hindu taliban. People like us who openly voice our thoughts against religious fanaticism will become easy targets for these terrorists who are in the helm in this land.

As always peace & love & i leave you with a photograph which i like very much…..halicon