I love sharks & i think they are magnificent creatures, which have to be preserved. In this post due to a lack of alternative i’ve used the synonym “Land sharks” to represent a group of people who “buy” large areas of land & proceeds to destroy the ecology and environment in every possible manner.


In the last one year there has been so much of earth movers & land excavation activity happening in neighbouring villages. Pristine hills have been cut, “mother trees” (native trees) have been chopped down & dumped out of their land, earth movers work all year round to make “terraces” in very unimaginative & unscientific way to level the land. Pitching work which is so very critical is always kept wait-listed & is never done. The dumping of earth causes slope instability and more importantly in a heavy rainfall area like ours it hampers flow of water.

Earth movers cost about INR 800/- per hour, i just can’t imagine how anyone can afford to run it for months together. Well, that’s what they have been doing all year round in private properties, which is going to be “developed” into bars, hotels, resorts & the favourite activity of scamsters: the ubiquitous “farm-house plots”  etc.

earth mover activity

The roads have been repaired off & on in the last five years, this news report had come out in the year 2012 & one had never seen any road work activity of that significance till now. Then in 2013 another news report said no State Highway will be made through this route.

However this year major road work is happening in the hill opposite us. Everyday blasting activities, excavators & earth movers have been at work in the Kusarpet, Singapur, Mohri road. The work has not proceeded much, however it has caused substantial damage to the forest cover, thousands of trees have been chopped. Couple of things that one gets to hear from people are that Forest department has not cleared many parts of the road, however road work is continuing and the unconfirmed news is that this road is actually going to be MH SH 106  (Maharashtra State Highway No: 106) joining Mahad.

In our neighbouring village Bordi, a dam which was supposedly to be built was left half done & one fine day all the machinery, equipment & contractors disappeared from the area. Now suddenly this year we find them all back. Again nothing is forthcoming from them about why they had abandoned the work five years back & why have they restarted it again. Imagine the increased cost which the exchequer is paying & for what ? What is this dam? What is its height ? What is the TMC ? Who stands to gain from this ? Whom to approach to get all the details? Friends keep reminding me not to stick my head out too much & do anything altruistic, because if i question anything too much i can be an easy target…. its true, it’s quite easy to dump me off, without a trace if these contractor lobby finds me a nuisance. Anyway that’s a fictional story & coming back to real stuff…. it’s a known fact to everyone concerned that this area falls under seismic zone 4 & this kind of destruction which is happening around us in the name of development can prove disastrous in the long run.

So, the rains finally came and any fool in town would know that a road made on a very steep gradient, which has already triggered large-scale soil erosion, will eventually cause landslides.

Here i am sitting in the car for hours & watching the same machines & the same contractors who caused the damage…. now clearing the road for us after the land slide. landslide

Last year i had written Want to be our neighbour ? That land is still available & many prospective buyers have been coming & going. We really hope whoever buys that land is a ecologically sensitive person.

Peace & Love !!