How do we fence a 7 acre piece of land ?

It is usually an expensive task.

People with the monetary resources can do it in one shot & install the ubiquitous “barbed-wire” fencing.

What about people like us who do not have the resources & do not fancy “barbed wire” fencing ?

Whenever i see barbed wire fencing i see the similarity of something which is placed along the borders of conflict all over the world. Our farm isn’t a border of conflict, its a lugar de paz (a place of peace), Makmur (tranquility in arabic), or Aman (the word derived from Arabic أمان amān meaning ‘security, safety; peace; shelter, protection’; and is used in singing to express deep longing). So that obviously rules out barbed wire fencing….does it not ?

What is the alternative ?

The alternative is to make a live fence. Like everything in life which i get into, this is yet one more of the tedious & task consuming tasks. So now after 5 years of constant planting & reinforcing one can say …yes, we have a live fence around our lugar de paz.

What is growing in the live fence ?

Nirgundi (Vitex negundo)

Sagargota (Ceasalpinia bunduc)

Chilar (Ceasalpinia decapetala)

Bamboo (Dendrocalamus sotcksii)

Amaltas (Cassia fistula)

Ain (Terminalia elliptica)

Hirad (Terminalia chebula)

Sisal/ gaipath (Agave sisalana)

Vetiver grass (Chrsopogan zizanioides)

Here are some pics:

reenforcement of the fence fencing fencing. ghaipath

In the first year we spend about INR 8K/- since then the expenses have been coming down every year. Our fence also is a home for many birds especially for the Jungle fowls, Common Ioras, Babblers, Red whiskered bulbuls, Prinias & Eurasian Black birds. The Monitor Lizards & Porcupines also are happy in these secure areas where no one disturbs them.

Peace, love & happy fencing.