If one goes by this checklist…… there are so many raptors that one is yet to sight in the area where our farm is located.

Then out of the blue one sights something which isn’t even listed.

what can one say ?

The first time we saw this magnificent bird was in Uttaranchal. I had never even dreamt or expected to see a Black eagle near our farm. On a windy and rainy day I saw an eagle while walking to the farm. I thought it was one of our regular visitors, yet I managed to fish out my camera & take some snaps. When i showed the pictures to my son…. he immediately told me  Nana (dad) this isn’t any of our constant visitors…. this is a different eagle.  He has a good eye & a quick check with photographs & experts confirmed it was the incredible BLACK EAGLE. It’s a big raptor with a length of 70-80 cms & a wing span of 164-178 cms

Amazing isn’t it, even after 5 years in this area we get to see something new !

Unfortunately the snaps are facing the light & it was windy & rainy….. it doesn’t actually matter because it’s good enough to have a record of this magnificent bird coming into these areas.black eagleThis sighting makes it No: 79 in our bird list under the title ‘may we always hear the whisper of the wings’

Peace, love & now sending invites to Osprey’s & Peregrine falcons !