In the last five years we’ve never experienced such a weak monsoon. In June it started with a bang & things were looking good, in fact really good. This year for a change we  were so organised that we were the first to finish rice transplantation in the whole area. Usually July & August gives us such heavy rains, however this year strange things started to happen, the rains slowly started to recede. In our mini Cherrapunji it is something which one cannot even imagine happening. Many farmers have not even bothered to transplant, their fields are lying fallow & the fields of the one’s who transplanted late are already turning yellow.

It’s a very upsetting scenario at the ground level & especially when we put it in context of the general state of farming, agriculture, price of food, quality of our food etc in this country.  Like how a brilliant blogger has pointed out …….Now, look at the brilliant renaming of the Agriculture Ministry. What more can farmers ask for! All their troubles will now vanish. Anyway, they were only killing themselves because of failed love-affairs, as helpfully pointed out by your esteemed minister. Now, through the new ministry, I am sure they will get a new dating service, police-will-not-disturb-in-hotels guarantee and similar services that should keep suicidal thoughts at bay. 

With the weather playing truant & the soil fertility not building up, now its time i seriously look out for some career options (to support this farm) at this rather late stage in life. I’ve just crossed the half century & for someone who has lived on the edge all this way i never even thought i would even reach this far. Now that i know there is only a few more years left, there is strange sense of calm & happiness knowing that i will be leaving a strong legacy of rich flora, fauna & a sense of equality & justice among all the people who have worked with me on the farm.



Weren’t we living a quiet life….. then one tiny paragraph appears in one of the fictional newspapers of India :

Arjun, 50, who moved to Pishwi, a village 65 km from Pune, five years ago, agrees it’s important to socialize with the neighbours. “When you break bread with them and yet handle their loan requests with tact and politeness, word goes around, ‘Bhau changhla manoos ahe’ (Brother is a decent man),” says the farmer who earns Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 a year from his bamboo crop. He documents the good days and dog days on the farm on his blog From his long campaign to upgrade his electricity connection minus the grease, to carving access roads to the farm and finding out why the hens are refusing to lay – he lays it all out for budding farmers on his blog.


Many encouraging words followed, many inspiring people got in touch with us, some are writing in with many queries about farming. Even WordPress sends me a few mails to ask why on 17th August is there such increased traffic to this blog Aug & why i shouldn’t be upgrading this site to a website ? I believe on that day there were a few thousand readers on the blog…..

Also because of the fact that i air my views here about what disturbs me in this country, there is also a down side to all this publicity when the ruling junta aka hindu Taliban members get a wind of this blog & they started their hate mail & target me. It will be interesting to write about their comments at a later point of time.

Funnily i got mails from some of these Taliban supported/ funded hindu spiritual monsters/clans who want to adopt all the villages around our farm etc

As of now we shall let it all pass & only get in touch with people who want to go through hard toil of farming


Now back to life as usual….slog is the word & if the junta targets me again ..i am proud to say



I/we have no fear.

Peace, love & no fear