karvy. The welcome burst of rains in an otherwise drought riddled monsoon has one little surprise. The hills around our farm are coloured Lavender/purple by the immense flowering of Carvia callosa aka Strobilanthes callosus. In marathi we call it Karvy. They flower once in seven or eight years. Now when the early morning sun comes on to our hillock it is the beautiful shades of lavender. Incidentally the flowers are also rich in nectar & honey.


One can see increased activities of small birds, butterflies, honey bees & carpenter bees. Unfortunately Karvy is disappearing fast, earlier people used its stems for housing, now the stems of these plants are smuggled out in truck-loads by contractors to be sold to tomato farmers to stake up their tomato plants. Now the “builder lobby” which has come into the area with absolutely no knowledge on the ecology of the area has killed vast areas of Karvy with their earth movers. This needs to stop, otherwise Karvy will be soon be extinct & its disappearance will cause irrevocable damage to the ecology.

Will we will be able to see these beautiful flowers after seven years in 2022?



In the meanwhile the inhuman & ruthless junta which is ruling this country has killed another exemplary scholar who spoke, wrote & stood for his beliefs……Dr Malleshappa Kalburgi.

We are yet to come out from the shock of the assassinations of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar and Com. Govind Pansare in 2013 and 2015 respectively, the Hindutva zealots have gunned down one more rationalist and renowned scholar in Dr Malleshappa Kalburgi, this time in neighboring Karnataka.

In Maharashtra, both the previous Congress and present BJP-Shiv sena governments have amply demonstrated by their inaction in apprehending the murderers of Dabholkar and Pansare on whose side they stood and exposed their clandestine relations with the majority communalists. In Karnataka the Congress government is now on test to prove its secular mettle and erase the stains of communalism to some extent from the face of the Congress.

Dr Kalburgi was a Lingayat, the follower of the 12th century reformer Basavanna, who preached against castes and idolatry of Hinduism. It is irony of history that the Lingayats who are not supposed to be Hindus, today flaunt their mantle of Hindutva. They detested Kalburgi’s rationalist projection of Basavanna vachanas. Sadly they will find themselves on the side of the wickedest enemy of Basavanna, who have killed one of the best of his contemporary disciples.

Last year, the very zealots had attacked another illustrious son of Karnataka U.R Ananthamurthy who was a co-traveller of Kalburgi in the same campaign for rational thought. Emboldened by the ascent of the intolerant right-wing, who has the dubious distinction of demonstrating the law of ‘action and reaction’ with the carnage of over 2000 Muslims in Gujarat, now to the throne of Delhi, these zealots have gone berserk killing people who speak against their venomous creed.

The modus operandi in all the three cases being exactly the same, associated with similar jubilation in the right-wing camp, it should not be difficult for the Karnataka government to apprehend the culprits. It has already handed over the case to CBI, may be to assuage resentment of people. CBI or no CBI, however, it should not forget that people are interested in seeing the murderers of Kalburgi convicted for their crime in a reasonable time frame.


This is what these zealots is capable of, yesterday they killed Dabholkar & Pansare, today it was Kalburgi. Tomorrow it will be you or me. Friends who know me as an early morning walker has laughingly warned me….. if you believe in secularism, if you are a rationalist, if you are an early morning walker & if you are walking over a bridge……. haha you are such an easy target for these zealots. There will be no witness…..so its end of the matter.


Today is 9/11, for some sanity please do listen to Pablo Neruda. Today’s India is so reminiscent to Chile of 1973 where after the ORIGINAL 9/11 coup d’état the following 17 years saw thousands of people killed because they stood up for their values & beliefs.

peace & love