We are only in September and in the coming 8 months we will unfortunately witness one of the worst ever “droughts” to hit this country. The food prices are going to hit the roof, to such an abnormal extent that it can cause starvation deaths. As political science students we had read a lot of what entails an Agrarian Crisis, now this crisis is bang on our face. India is virtually on the verge of collapse & the backbone of this country, the edifice on which this land is weaved together has been in turmoil for a while. What can one do if this edifice has decided to kill themselves en-masse ? A day is not far away when they stop this suicide bids & decide to take up arms. It’s not that, no one knows what/who is behind this agrarian crisis….. everyone knows.

In this city the Film & Television Institute of India (FTII) students have been striking for about 100 days (for a very valid & just cause), whereas farmers have been on strike in this country for the last 10,000 days. It is a strike which has been going on for the last 25 years. Since all avenues to address our problems are banged shut on our face, we, farmers have resorted to our very last option. Anyway we slog alone in our fields, our method of strike is very simple: we express it through suicide. Since 1990’s over 3,00,000 farmers have committed suicide. When we stop our vehicle to fill Petrol or Diesel we know it contains blood of some innocent person from the Middle East, the realisation of that guilt is raised to a different level while we eat our own food & realise that the farmer who has produced this food for us has actually killed him/herself.

We eat our meals heartily two times a day & we do not even spare a minute to think about the source of our food, ‘that someone must have been toiling in the burning sun or in pouring rain with hardly anything to eat for themselves to provide us the grand food we eat. The divide in this country among the rich & poor has never been more gross, with the Brahminical zealots ascending to power the divide in this country along the caste & religious lines has become even more prominent. In fact it is worse than the apartheid regime in South Africa. The disconnect with the ground realities has been growing over the years, however now it has blown off the roof.

It’s an irony of our times to see/hear a so-called  “renowned “ TV anchor & a renowned film actor speaking about the emergency like situation (disasters) in modern-day India as if this situation is something which is happening recently……can someone catch them by their necks & tell them….. its been 10,000 days, its been 25 years. Does monetary relief of a measly INR 15k/- mean anything to the kith & kin of the farmer who has laid down his/her life? Some years back this very person was part of road shows & the advertisement blitz for Monsanto’s GM Cotton & their infamous herbicide Round Up which is arguably one of the causes of the present agrarian crisis. Does he regret it now ?


Have a look at these pictures of the river next to our land:

riverside signs riverside. riverside riverside1

As one can see ……the river is full & flowing, however i cannot get myself to upload the snaps of the rice fields adjacent to the river, they are all parched & yellow. It’s an emergency damn it! We need to build check dams urgently to stem the flow of water. I’ve been trying to call the Agricultural Officer for the area for some time now & trying to wake him up from his APATHY….. if i had a gun, i would’ve put it on his head & got him to build several check dams along the river. These bastards do not understand any other language.

Every farmer in this land should be given access to irrigation, cut down the bloody defence budget & make more budgetary allocations for agriculture. Defence is not the  priority, growing food is the priority. People in our neighbouring countries are also like us, everyone wants peace, nobody wants a war. Put the defence personnel into civilian work, make all the 56″ honchos of the new East India Company read Adani’s & Ambani’s slog on the fields. It’s an emergency, it is a national crisis…. Wake up. If credit worth to the tune of INR 7,000/- crores was given to Kingfisher airlines to try & keep it afloat & the farmers of this land is left to kill themselves then something is seriously amiss. Cut down the fucking foreign trips of the bigots which has cost us the exchequer almost INR 50 crores & put it in the agriculture budget. So much can be done…..yet nothing ever gets done !

How i wish the farmers all over this country instead of contemplating suicide would be inspired to organise and make irrigation the basic essential right. Do watch this very moving still shots in Economica: women & the Global Economy of the present lives of Cotton farmers……

I haven’t lived a perfect life. I have regrets…… big, big regrets. But that’s from a lifetime of taking chances, making decisions, and trying not to be frozen. The only thing that I can do with my regrets is understand them”.

Peace, love & a need to puke