prep for potatoI like to grow a billion things on our farm …..however such thoughts ain’t within the realms of possibilities. Having said that i like to push myself & my co-workers to explore new ground both professionally & personally. Unless we push ourselves to do that we will never progress as a farm, as a team & more importantly we will never grow ourselves as more humble human beings.

This is so important to us farmers because for most of the time it’s just a dialogue between us & the mother earth. Questions which we ask her, are answered back to us in the form of more questions. Even otherwise in normal life i hardly find the necessity to speak or talk. So if i spend 5 days on the farm i would’ve muttered a few mono-syllables to my co-workers, to the hens, to the dogs…. otherwise its just a constant silent dialogue/ arguments/ counter-arguments/ thesis/ anti-thesis & hopefully some synthesis with mother earth. The problem is that this bloody ‘synthesis’ isn’t going to happen too soon either. Till then we shall continue probing mother earth day-in, day-out !!

On the agenda this year for our Rabi (winter) crop has been Potatoes, Ground nuts, Garlic, Wheat, Onions. In the meantime we are very proud recipients to a very special & surprise gift of two young beautiful buffalo’s from a friend (more on the beauties later), so for these beauties we’ve to grow fodder also! Gosh, with this kind of work-load i am kind of sorted out till March 2016.

PotatoIf one goes by this growing chart to grow potatoes, it seems to say: insert a small potato into the ground, within 110 days the potato would’ve multiplied & each plant would be giving about a Kilogram of potatoes…..only if life was so simple. Our Potatoes have been hit by rot, wilt, blight & what not !


About 100 kg of seeds was planted, in a few weeks time i will know where i stand: will i get 40% marks or 60% marks ? Whatever it is, i will not be disheartened, because i know whatever i did this time, i can do better next time because of the constant dialogue with mother earth. Inter cropping with Mustard didn’t work out, So now we’ve inter cropped it with Urad dal (black Lentil).

Messrs Ground nut/peanuts have germinated superbly. ground nutThey have been inter cropped with Corn. After the setback with the Potatoes i am really keen to down some wine of success with this Ground/pea nuts as also with Garlic.  In the mean time we are also getting our fields ready big time for a shot at Wheat & also Onions.

For so much of planting, water for irrigation is going to be very critical in the coming months. The river is going to dry up soon in a month or so & the agriculture department as usual is a no-show to help us in making a temporary check-dam. Each household in our village has more than 50 goats & many cattle:

Where will they find drinking water till June 2016 ?

Peace & love.