Also known as “Mango ginger” (Curcuma amada) is a powerhouse of medicinal properties. It has anti-inflamatory properties as well as anti-biotic, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant properties as well.

It does help to get rid of throat infections, nasal & trachio-bronchial congestions. It is also used to relieve hiccups in an infusion. Its powder is also used for various skin problems as well.

It contains Curcuma, a blood revitalizing agent as it removes lipids (fatty substances) from the blood and regulates platelets which prevent dangerous blood clots. It is also Carminative (relieves flatulence).

We do have quite a lot of Ambe Halad this year, all getting ready to be harvested. We have also started pickling it. Pickling is quite simple, however the cleaning & cutting them into thin strips does take a long time. One pickle is without oil, it’s just lemon juice, green chillies & salt & the second one is with a bit of oil, fenugreek seeds, mustard, asafoetida, chilli powder & salt

mango ginger pickle

Peace & love.