A few months i was at my friend Keshav’s place for a usual chat about this, that & the other. While walking around his place he was showing me his cows, horses, dogs, rabbits, goats, pigeons etc. We were also talking about the lack of fertility in the soil in our farm & the need to introduce a few animals for their valuable piss & shit to make our soil fertile. He, as is his wont asked me do you want animals for their milk or for their piss & shit ? I said… obviously for their piss & shit. He pointed out to his two buffalo babies and asked me: Do you want them ? If you are interested you can take them, because i am running out of space here for these buffalo’s, you will get loads of piss & shit for your farm & if you look after them properly you will also get good quantity of milk also. I said, let me check with partner and also with my co-workers. Everyone said: YES. One fine day last week they endured a ride of 90kms in an enclosed van to reach our farm.

Here they are, this beauty is the naughty one who likes to sprint around a bit, she is a Murrah Jaffri.

murrah jaffri

The second one is slightly older and more regal. She is a Murrah Mehsana 

murrah mehsana

They both looked very happy ever since they got down from the van, even our dogs which otherwise are very wary of buffalo’s was going up to them & smelling them. My co-workers are very confident in their own way on how to go about looking after them. I am a complete novice & i am educating myself on the same. I’ve been slowly learning the nuances of taking them out grazing, their feed, additional supplements, de-worming, health concerns and their general well-being. Observing them closely everyday is a good learning experience, their behaviour, their body parts, their gait, their eating habits, their pooh, listening to their rumblings in their tummy etc, etc.

It’s a whole new chapter in our lives, its one of those surprises which suddenly pops up from nowhere, with their valuable piss & shit surely its going to be a game-changer in our farm. I can already see some difference in the form of healthier soil which is expressing itself by giving us healthier plants…….. thanks Keshav !!


In the mean while Feku & his band of 56″ terrorists has been trying very hard to make us turn a blind eye to reality that keeps pointing towards great inequality, religious polarisation, gender violence, caste violence, dismal health issues and poverty of our beloved country. If we question any of these genuine concerns we are hounded as anti-national.

peace, love & proud to be anti-national