Let me take you visually through our fields since we sowed Wheat in the 4th week of November 2015

wheat first week

2nd week of December 2015

wheat fields @  7am.

4th week of December 2015

jan 2016 233

Mid January 2016


4th week of January 2016

wheat getting ready

Except for a couple more of watering the hard work of growing is over.  However anything can happen from now & the harvest. Wild Boars can come in & feast on it, stray cattle can also do the same, Deers have been trying their luck once in a while, Unexpected showers can destroy everything……

Peace, love &  Khudā Hāfiz


Sadly, two people whom i had never met crossed over to the other side.

Comrade A. B. Bardhan was an inspiration throughout his life. A true shining beacon of India. Bardhan was a leader who was never allured by the trappings of power, pelf or patronage. His life style was that of a Communist and a working class leader. Bardhan was frank and forthright and had no guile or pretense. He was a prime example of how Marxism shapes the character and actions of a Communist leader.

The other death is really sad & shocking. A very promising life was nipped & destroyed by the present bhraminical nazi rulers of present day India. Yet, Rohit remains an inspiration in his death. Please do read his final letter, before he left us: My birth is my fatal accident.

Laal salaam & Jai Bheem