When the farm is alive & kicking, i also have a spring in my feet. After our major attempt towards water conservation on the river, which sustained us through for the last 5 months, now nature is saying… that’s it bro, i cannot sustain you for any longer…… now, get lost & dig yourself deep & find other ways to provide moisture to your bloody farm.  With the phenomenal rise  in temperatures in last two weeks, our life support system is going dry. When we lose the life support system our land also goes parched & our plants will shrivel. I also feel the shriveling feeling, sunken, shrunken & wrinkled due to the tension of wondering how to survive the next couple of months. In trying to think of a survival plan i was also down with body pain, low grade fever.life support is going dry

Now the only life support system which we have is our well. We have covered it with cloth so that evaporation is reduced, it is also the only drinking water source for the whole village. We just cannot take a chance with it.

Just now what we have growing is lots of fodder. Maize (which serves as food for both our Buffalo’s & Chickens), a few Sq mtrs of fodder called Lusan grass (alfalfa) for the buffalo’s, some vegetables for home consumption, a small nursery with about thousand different saplings. Add to that we an acre of Onions which needs one more drenching, which we will have to call off. Another plan which has to be called off  is: we were on the verge of getting a few Honey Bee boxes to harvest our own honey, for that we had sown a lot of oil seeds like Sunflower, Mustard & Sesame. Unfortunately that also has to be shelved.

Lack of fodder for the Buffalo’s means for the next two months, we have to provide them with increased intake of Oil seed cakes.


& also for the Chicken we can provide ready feed available from stores.

The numbers of our birds have really increased & local hoteliers have been regularly buying it from us. We need to keep the numbers going  till the first week of June, which is possible.

Only thing which i cannot compromise nor find any answers to is how to provide moisture for the plants which are growing, especially for the fodder which is so very critical.

maize & lusan grass

All other activity can be downsized.

Only if the Agricultural department & the State machinery had woken up in November 2015, just made a few small & simple check dams along the small rivulets which criss cross the whole taluka, we would’ve avoided this crisis. There are the visits by the ” shades of Whites” in all drought hit villages & handing out false promises. I call them ‘whites’ because they come in white cars, wear white shirts, white pants, all starched, women representatives are also the same & they look so much out of place from the ground reality. Anyway what can one expect from these representatives of the Emperor….

Recently the emperor’s Finance minister presented the budget allocation for the year ahead which he called a pro-farmer budget…..within a week a farmer went outside the gate of where all the emperor’s men sit, took a dose of pesticide & committed suicide…. Why ? Let me quote my mentor here : “Decades ago, when the US military needed to make its many wars more acceptable, or at least less shocking, they came up with the words “collateral damage”. A euphemism for countless thousands of civilians they killed in their wars. The slaughter continued, but sounded so much nicer. The authors of the budget’s sleazy semantics do something similar in their wordplay. The loot of public money, where it’s going, and the intense misery of millions in need—that drowns in collateral cliches”. 

Farmers and production of food is the least of the priority of the present regime. Farmers need freedom (Aazadi) from the present situation, something good has to evolve after this war on the people subsides or when we cross over from this phase, wherein preserving the fertility in agricultural land & water for irrigation becomes real, which will allow all farmers in this country to take 3 crops in a year confidently.  Aazadi asks us about where we are going to, about who we want to be. When the present regime is forcing us to drown, then the movement for Aazadi will free us & take us forward, into the world, into the future.

Peace, love & Aazadi.