Its been almost 3 months since i wrote anything. For once there wasn’t anything to write home about. Yes, i was depressed due to the the water situation & there were parts of the farm especially, the one where we had planted fodder i couldn’t get myself to even look at. The river was barren, the water level in our open well was literally ‘rock bottom’. I kept concentrating a lot on our small but beautiful nursery which has given us thousands of new plants to be planted. Otherwise everything was kept minimal. With a bit of time in my hands i also made a forage into another mode to survival, it has kept me on my toes. During April & May with temperatures hitting 40 deg C the farm somehow had managed to remain green without any irrigation. Indeed a very good sign of improvement in the organic content in the soil.

This has been the first time in all these years that we have had various things growing all through the 12 months. We have never eaten so many Brinjals in our life, Climber beans were freaking out, the Chillies kept coming & coming, Pumpkins kept surprising us. When Tomatoes were priced at Rs 120/- INR, we had our produce from the farm. Friends & neighbours in Pune are happy to buy all our produce. Everyone has been commenting about the freshness in taste of our products. Rice, Wheat, Onions have all found buyers & a loyal clientele, its been fun. We have been thinking of making a ‘Logo’ and thinking of some creative packing material which is not expensive. As of now our ‘loyal clientele’ has been passing on used plastic bags. However the biggest hit of all were the big sized Avacados. Sunflowers & Sesame were harvested just before the first showers & we will be making our own oil. By the first week of June we had sowed our Rice.

There were no pre-monsoon showers which meant we didn’t get the window to propagate our Bamboo. We just had light drizzles right till the 20th of June. On that day when i came down the last valley coming into our farm the transformation got tears of joy falling off my eyes seeing the gift of nature. Now till March 2017 there is money in the bank read as “there is water in the well”  🙂

Almost 90% of the tree planting is over, Coming Monday we start the biggest task of the year i.e Rice transplantation, wish us luck !! The rains also bring other issues which can be problematic, likelihood of a landslide like last year is very real & scary.

Also please do read about one of the cultural icons of our time who bid us goodbye.

peace, love, khuda hafeez