Time seems to have come to a standstill. On one hand one wants the rain to continue, on the other hand one wants to see some good sunlight.

The beauty of the place is just intoxicating, whenever i have to return from the farm to the city there is always the urge to stay on for some more time and soak in the surroundings.

Sometimes it feels as if the clouds have descended on us, the visibility becomes almost zero. Sometimes one feels as if one is walking into ghosts !

In between there was a dry spell and a break from rain and everyone had enjoyed full sunlight for a few days. All the plants and trees had really pepped up during those few days. Our rice went a little too tall for our comfort and we did decide to trim it down a bit, so that when the paddy starts to come out the plant might just fall over with the weight of paddy.Otherwise the general health has been really good. Now we can almost see the paddy coming out in a few plants.

The Galangal, Ginger and Haldi are looking fine as of now.

Nachni (finger millet) does look a tad taller than last year & has also started to bloom.

We have some Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Tomatoes, Brinjal’s, Chillies, Beans and Fodder grass called Lussun grass (alfa alfa) growing. The heavy downp0urs seems to have affected our best Avacado tree, keeping my fingers crossed and hope it will revive. Almost 90% of the saplings we had planted before the rains have managed to survive & now with the Sun slowly finding a way to peep out, they can now get into  business. All the chickens were ready for sale by the mid September. The bulk of the lot was taken by a very popular restaurant in Pune. The next lot of chickens will be ready in a couple of months.Bamboo plantation of last year looks quite healthy as of now and mother plants are sending many new shoots into the world and forming their own clumps. With the availability of abundant green fodder the buffaloes have really grown in the last 3 months. We have employed a person full time to take the buffs out grazing in the forests, so they are out for almost 8 hours walking and grazing to their hearts content.

More later.

Peace, love and Khudā Hāfez