As we come down the valley this is how our farm looks from afar. One can really see the thick vegetation around our land which has happened only because of our presence. Seven years back this hillock was quite barren.


One of the best parts of the drive to & fro to the farm is that almost 80% of the drive is next to the some water body or other, its incredibly beautiful, especially when the sun rays gets reflected from the water


Some spectacular views are here in this gallery

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Then finally when one is crossing this river and entering our farm, one feels the urge to melt into this land and be one !!


Some interesting Scarecrow designs we come across in different fields that we cross

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Within two weeks the flowers would be in all full bloom and with it all the amazing butterflies will be flitting from flower to flower. The Sword tail’s, Crimson rose’s, Pioneer’s, Jezebel’s, Emigrants, Plain & Blue tiger’s, Bush brown’s, Europa’s, Coster’s, Sergeant’s, Mormon’s and even the magnificent Blue Mormon will be visiting.

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More of the useless bits of information later.


There has been some political mobilizations on caste lines happening in our area:

……“However the unprecedented mobilization of marathas in Maharashtra cannot and should not be ignored by progressive rationalists.

For all who believe in social and economic justice, when a 7% oppressed community unites as it did after the Una incident that is to be welcomed. but when a 40% strong dominant forward caste unites on caste lines, this is time for alarm, just as it was when Jats gathered in Haryana or Patels in Gujarat.

The demand for reservations for any forward caste, even on economic grounds, makes no sense. the rationale for reservations for SC/ST was not just their economic backwardness but their social isolation. no such isolation exists for forward castes. if sections of marathas are economically backward, let the anti poverty measures that should be in place for all poor be implemented equally and properly across the state.

As for the scrapping of the Atrocity Act, on the contrary it should be strengthened so that its non implementation (lack of convictions) can be addressed. if there are loopholes that allow innocents to be targeted, that can be looked at legally, but with a view to better catch the actual guilty.

Shocking and deplorable as the rape murder of a maratha girl at the hands of dalits is, it cannot be the only talking point when the ratio of rape murder of dalits at the hands of higher castes is the larger story that few report or get agitated by.

i know individually some of you have addressed these points, but it should be done unitedly, with intellectual rigour and we should remain caste-bias free and fearless even in the face of numbers”…..

Peace, love & Khudā Hāfez