Writing or speaking never comes naturally to me. Earlier i used to write, because i was eager to share about everything which is happening in our farm. A lot of years have passed by. Now 99% of the activity in the farm has become monotonous, tedious, boring, uninteresting, tiresome, wearisome, dreary, routine, mechanical & sometimes even soul-destroying & mind numbing. Nothing new in that, it’s the story of all farmer’s in this country. I am always thinking & sometimes even pre-occupied in my own thoughts while working, cooking, walking, driving & sometimes even in my sleep. Also given the dark ages we live in these days i am very wary of sharing anything.

Whatever one has stood for & believed in is not even going to be history, history is also been rewritten these days. The only good thing which is coming out of this dark period & the impending gloom is the creative & collective expressions of pain & anguish. Even common people in and around the villages where our farm is located are all aware of how our country is been ripped apart by religious fanatics & bigots. Most people seems to be aware of the fact that the edifice is crumbling & there are bulldozers everywhere in wait like battle tanks to crush us economically, politically, culturally & in every way possible way so that the agenda of the killers of a certain M.K. Gandhi can be taken to its logical conclusion. That agenda is much more dangerous than having a madman like Trump in the helm in the U.S.A

My last post was in mid-April & we managed to survive the searing heat & welcomed the rains with open arms. Its been planting, planting & more planting for my wonderful group of co-workers. It hasn’t ceased to amaze me how they go through this 3 months of constant rain, wetness, strong winds & yet keep a bright smile on their face. If anyone has lifted a full cooking gas cylinder or the equivalent of that weight, will surely know what i am talking about. Most of us can lift it, however if one had to walk, carrying it on our head, for 2kms on slippery ground, with rain & strong wind lashing over… its near impossible. I really feel blessed to have this group of co-worker’s who are going about their jobs without any fuss. Since we cannot store Chicken feed, because dampness would lead to fungal growth i have to carry 50kg -100kg bags every week, then they have to bring the cleaned chickens to the car, sometimes carry cooking gas cylinders, it’s a bloody thank less job.

carrying things

It’s always nice to sit down with them and enjoy a meal together, listening to some dark humor & other harsh realities of life in a village & to keep up their inquiring & analytical minds ticking by posing questions & answering questions by throwing back more questions, In these situations we all become “one”, even if it is only for a few hours.

lunch time

meal time

With all the turmoil which has been greeting us in the last few years,  I have learned to appreciate the beauty of nature more & more. I can spend hours just watching our rice fields swaying from side to side with the wind & the dragon flies going about their jobs.


One moment one feels the sunlight, the very next moment one is standing on clouds.


Sometimes one feels as if somebody is calling you over to the next valley…..


Some serious work has gone into the farm in the last 3 months, even though sometimes it is soul-destroying or mind numbing, however our story will go on.

Peace, love & Khudā Hāfez