River side farm is slowly developing into a forest garden &  seed collective in village: Pishvi, Taluka: Velhe, 65kms from Pune. Maharashtra. India


20 thoughts on “About”

  1. very nice effort. would love to know more about your farm.

  2. Hi, I’d love to live in a forest garden! What you’ve been doing is great, both the site and the farm. Keep up!

  3. the pictures look great..the farm is beautiful! i’ve never known much about farming….u provide with great information..with a personal touch…it makes for an interesting read!

  4. What you are doing is commendable and more people must know about it. Can you write on farming and wildlife for our ezine at http://www.indianwildlifeclub.com? If you have no time, you can copy /paste your blog to our blog section yourself. All you need to do is register as a user (free) and then you can upload yourself.

  5. janmadhyam said:

    Bravo! Make sure if you take funds from the bad guys… they don’t get the better of you.

  6. dobighazameen said:

    @ Jharana, i suppose you meant “If i give funds to the …..

    Sure, ‘am wary of it all, it difficult to keep a distance sometimes, but i seek normal human interactions without money been involved…..

  7. hi Arjun uncle, why don’t you come here and show us your magic???
    come here lets see what happens in chess match………….

    • dobighazameen said:

      sarang dear……..there is no magic involved, sure i miss u & revli & your parents please come, whenever you are in pune next time

      & sorry no chess matches ….. i’ve forgotten it all…. now i am full time farmer

  8. Arjun, beautifully documented journey… instinctively one knows that what you are doing is the right thing to do, we have to be able to grow our own food, honor and nurture the knowledge that is rapidly being lost….. u are doing what many of us city bred people with all our critiques of development know must be done… it takes some real courage to take the leap…. Salut and hope we can be part of your journey in some way.

  9. Hello Arjun,
    Bravo!! I came across your notes while searching for Organic farming practices. Hats off to your resolute & persistent efforts. May your tribe increase.
    I am also planning to get back to the land and I will try meet you the next time (if you don’t mind) I visit my village Bhatti.


    • dobighazameen said:

      makarand ji…..hi & welcome & also nice to have someone from the ‘neighbourhood’ making a virtual visit….

  10. Hi..would love to visit your farm if possible for a weekend. Looking to buy a small piece of land and do something similar..no luck with the land yet 😐 but we keep looking.

  11. Hi…would love to come visit for a weekend to see up close the wonderful things you are doing if possible.
    We have been looking for land and start something similar ourselves.

  12. Hello Mr.Arjun,
    I am a Rtd.Defence QA official and HR Consultant and only 74. I maintain my roof garden for more than 30 yrs, everywhere I worked and to some extent not regretted at any time. The only thing is on an average it calls for at least 2 Hrs attention everyday. Now that I am trying to develop a Hydroponic farm in a acre or two. your blog has given lots of info. which I have not taken into cognisence or truly not anticipated.
    Now planning to make it more mechanized than depending on human help and go far Solar instead of State Electricity.
    I am in Chennai and project site may be about 50 km away while marketing may not be posing major problem.
    I have gathered some idea over Org. Farming from other farmer’s experience too. Unless you dip yourself for at least 3 yrs, you can never achieve a success as the earth takes at least 3 yrs to become ready with a good notorious soil for about 3 feet depth which is an essential requirement for org. farming.

    Thank you for valuable information and would love to be in touch.

    V.Muthukrishnan /Mob : 919444640723..

  13. Jyoti Bhakta said:

    Very nice.. Want to know more about it

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