It has in fact been an extremely wet July. Very little work is possible but we managed to reinforce our fence with more nirgudi and plant lots of fodder for our calf.  A lot of time is spent sitting & looking at the rain! Reading a few books, taking some notes, doing riyaaz or doing nothing…..

Sometimes in the morning the cloud cover just comes in. One such morning we carried Amol, the 11-year-old son of Prakash to hospital as he was down with high fever. Then after a few days we had to carry Vimal also to the hospital, again with high fever. Mosquitos are rampant & after 4pm they are all over you. We used to light a fire so that the smoke would keep them away.

It looks lovely when the sun gets a rare peek, our up-coming dwelling is well camouflaged in all the greenery.

The river adjoining our land looks beautiful & pristine, but when the heavy downpours came it has been showing some dangerous sides of its character. One person (the deputy sarpanch) while trying to cross the river was caught in the current & was swept away. When the news went out, the whole village went searching for him. His body was found after  three days about 5kms downstream.

These are views from the back rows

The picture on the left was how things were near our shack 3 monsoons back when we tentatively but surely started taking our first steps. The picture on the right is the scene now with the shack well camouflaged in all the vegetation.

One afternoon Rani (our dog) and I, took a walk down to Madheghat which is a couple of kilometres from our farm. It was quite windy, my umbrella was flying in one direction & i had to protect my camera, but the views were stunning.

& here is the big waterfall……. with the water flowing towards the konkan. Hopefully these waters will be able to reach some farmers down in konkan & beyond where rainfall has been sparse.

untill next time … ciao !!